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Parental logic at its best…

May 13, 2010

“Mommy, how do people get on TV?”

“Well, they’re actors, and  they try out for parts on show or movies…”

“NO, I mean HOW do they show them IN the TV?? Like get it to play on our TV, when they’re far away?”

“Umm, well I’m pretty sure they shoot the shows with a laser gun and then blast it our TV.”

“….Like on Willy Wonka?”

“Yes, exactly.”


No Means No!

July 7, 2009

Fourth of July – officially another holiday to spend money on. Sigh…

I could do what most people were doing: load down my car with lots of towels, blankets, drinks, food, sparklers, chairs, sunscreen, bug spray, bottles of water, extra clothes, camera, batteries for the camera, change for tolls, cash for snacks, etc etc.

Instead, I opted to take advantage of my son’s 4-year old viewpoint of the world, wherein he doesn’t yet know what he’s missing out on. So goes the life of the single mom on a budget!

Anyway, this meant one short trip to the grocery store where we got some popcorn, drinks, and he got to help me pick out fireworks.  Of course, being 4, he already has expensive tastes.

“OOH! We need THIS ONE!” (pointing to the huge rockets that are 30 bucks)


“HEY! Look at THIS!!!” (huge variety pack of huge rockets, conveniently priced at fifty bucks)


“But we NEED it…!”


At this point I’m just saying no out of habit. Sometimes I catch myself doing that without even thinking. The problem is, if after I say “no”, I waffle even a little, he jumps on it and becomes unbearably whiny, going for the chinks in my Mommy-armor.  That’s why sometimes I’ll say no to things not really paying attention, just reflex. This time, however, there’s a good reason; fifty dollars worth.

Anyway, to distract his attention from the the HUGE rockets, I showed him the GREAT, REALLY COOL multi-packs available. With a little bit of enthusiastic prodding, he was able to see that ten (tiny) glitter fountains are WAY cooler than the rockets.


Because there are MORE of them. And MORE is BETTER!

I love kid logic, especially when it works to my wallet’s advantage. =)

So, once we got home he was desperate to shoot them all off now. Now! NOW!

I explained that we have to wait until it’s dark outside. He looked at me like I had just sprouted five heads and a purple tail.

Every five minutes: “Is it dark enough yet?”


“Is it dark enough yet?”


“NOW is it dark enough?”




I’m so mean, lol.

I finally gave in and we went out and played with sparklers for awhile. I’m disappointed by sparklers these days – I remember them lasting a lot longer. I absolutely loved sparklers as a kid, but the ones they make now are so cheap and spark for about a minute and a half (listen to me, old lady, wheezing, “…back in MY day…”).  But we made the best of it.







Once it FINALLY got dark, Nick started streaking through the house, shrieking, “It’s dark now! Firework time! Mommy, COME ON! It’s FIREWORK time!!”

DSCN1321So we set off all of out cool fireworks….which took all of ten minutes…but luckily my helpful neighbors had apparently re-mortgaged their house to enjoy their own great fireworks, so they more than made up for the low-end models I had picked out.

Nick and I were cheering the fireworks, and…swear to god…he started doing the Arsenio Hall ‘woot woot woot’. I laughed so hard, and finally was able to ask where he learned to do that.

He shrugged, “I don’t know. I guess I just picked it up somewhere.”

The Pre-K Inquisition

December 12, 2008

Riding home in the car today, my son (he’s 4), who had spent the last twenty minutes chattering about monkeys and motorcycles, pipes up,

“Are trees what happen when the grass gets really big?”


“Are you going to have another baby in your belly?”


“Do you think that bird lives in the clouds?”


“How do the planes stay up in the air?”


“I don’t want to be a daddy when I’m big, because daddies have beards, and they’re scratchy!”


“After you get bigger and bigger and growed up, do you start to get smaller and smaller?”


I think my head’s going to explode some days…not only do I not always know the answers to these questions; but even the ones I do know, I have to figure out ways to explain so he’ll understand! 

I love that he’s so inquisitive, but sometimes when I’m making dinner or on the phone, when faced with: “Why does the cat have hair between his toes?”, the answer is, “I just don’t know.”

And that seems to satisfy him.


For now, anyway.

Rampant restlessness

August 20, 2008

My brain is wearing me out, and I can’t tell it to shut up.

Well, I could, but I know that it won’t listen.

I feel like I’m on the verge of some big changes in my life, but I’m not sure if I want them, or even really what they are! Confused yet? Me too. Sigh….I’ve been playing mom-hermit here at home for almost 6 months now, and I’m REALLY tired of it.  I’m finally not stressed by my job anymore, so now I can focus on other things, like realizing my fence on one side of my house is now completely overgrown with vines and trees. When I first moved in, I was so careful about ripping out all the weeds and such, planting flowers, etc etc. Now I’ve got rampant wild greenery on one side of my house and the other side is completely bare now that my nice neighbor cut down my trees.

Anyhoo….on another subject, I’ve also been contemplating finally finishing my degree…I’d love to do it online, but I am overwhelmed with all the online programs and choices; and how do I know which ones are decent? I’ve found some at nearby colleges, but none of them offer the degree I want. Maybe I should just buckle down, pick something close to what I want and just get it over with. I’m such a dork, but I miss school, learning new things, and writing!  Hmm, maybe why I’m blogging? Nah, crazy thoughts.

I’ve toyed with the idea of actually attending vs online courses, but I really don’t want to put my son in daycare anymore than I already do…at least he loves the school he’s going to now, and so do I. The previous one he was in for 2 weeks..his last day was the day he got a broken nose! (note to self: blog on the dangers of shitty daycares! lol)

I’m so restless…before I had a boy, this is about the time I would move somewhere new or take a cross-country roadtrip. Damn, I miss that.  Some of the best times of my life were solo driving trips that everybody told me I was crazy to take. =)

Maybe I just need to cut loose….

Yeah, that’s it!

Okay, somebody come entertain me…..



Alright, guess I’ll just have to settle for something fun this weekend.

Like some dancing…maybe even some drinking…or maybe just watching this, which has never yet failed to amuse me:

Over and over.

See how easily amused I am?

So sad.

What to expect…

May 16, 2007

How much is a babysitter worth to you?

This whole Maddie thing….I know her parents are getting enough grief for it already, but to leave a four year old and 2 two year olds alone while you go have dinner??

 I sometimes can’t even trust my two year old while I take a shower!  Five minutes later he’s taking off down the driveway shouting ‘HEWWO, doggies!’ to the dogs across the street.  

I do understand, I suppose. Sometimes you get to a comfort level and think you know what to expect from little kids/ babies because of what they haven’t done yet..They can’t run yet, or talk yet, or play Mozart on the piano like you want them to.

But that’s exactly when they’ll decide to roll off the bed, waddle out the door, or try to put the cat in the toilet! 

Or, like my son, figure out how to climb up on the counter and dump all the cat food out, then get some permanent markers, open them up, and draw on the walls. Who knew (I think he was just biding his time) he was so ‘talented’.

Anyway,  I hope they find that little girl.  That’s got to be one of the worst things to go through.

Jealous of Evel Knievel

April 20, 2007
He’s also reckless enough to climb the neighbor’s fence, knowing that there are two sweet little kitties over there, just waiting to kick his furry little butt!Maybe it is just an age thing. I was reading someone’s blog earlier about how age can affect relationships.

But how does age affect your mind? Okay, I know, you start to forget things, etc etc. But I mean your actions–holding back from what you want to do, or used to do, because you’re afraid?

When do we stop doing normal kid things because of fear?  I remember jumping off of walls, climbing to the tops of trees, and turning cartwheels til I thought I’d throw up. I’d hang upside down from the playground bars and let go.

One house I lived in had a very long, very steep driveway. At the bottom of it was a row of very large, very solid boulders. My brother and I would ride down the driveway in a small metal Tonka dump truck. The trick was to wipe out at the bottom so you wouldn’t hit the rocks.

Another house had two floors, and we would put my mattress on the stair landing, jump onto it from the top stair, and then swing the rest of the way down via sheets they had tied to the bannister rails.

I have scars from scrapes and cuts and close calls from trying to keep up with my big brothers. Too many to count. Of course, the boys were even ‘braver’ than me and had numerous broken bones, staples in their scalp, stitches, etc.

If you asked me to do any of that today, I’d hesitate. Actually, I’d probably check your forehead and ask if you’re crazy!

Why the fear now?

Is it wisdom? …Knowing that cracked ribs is probably pretty painful is a good tidbit to keep in mind whilst swinging from a tree branch by your ankles.

Is it age? …Knowing I’m getting older, and am a lot heavier than I was at age 6 makes a difference.  Somebody told me recently that climbing trees isn’t very ladylike. Of course, I told them to shove off and promptly climbed the first tree I found.  I won’t tell you how ungraceful my descent was, though.

Is it because I’m taller? …It’s a lot farther to fall now, and greatly increases the chances of aforementioned cracked ribs.  Plus you can see a lot farther, like exactly how far it is down that hill you’re about to roll down head-over-heels, and how many thorny bushes and rocks are along the way!

Of course, some people will never outgrow their recklessness and their enjoyment of it. Maybe it even makes it more fun, knowing exactly what will happen if you fall, crash, or let go…

Sometimes I wish I could be one of those people, driving racecars at 300 mph, jumping off cliffs, doing backflips on a skateboard…


But then, I really don’t like hospitals all that much.


So yesterday it rained most of the morning. I was home with Little Man and we were just hanging out watching movies and such. I realized I hadn’t seen my cat in awhile, so I went to look for him (usually he’s my little stalking shadow, who quietly ‘happens’ to always be in the same room as me).

I found him a few minutes later, cowering in the darkened bathroom. “What are you doing, you mad thing?” I asked him (yes, I talk to my cat like he can answer me).

He mewed pitfully at me, and then I remembered–it’s raining. He has always been scared of thunder, then he came to be scared of windy rainy days, and now…he’s scared of a slow drizzle. The way it was raining, I’d likely get more wet standing near the tub while Nick takes a bath!

When did this happen? Is it because he’s older?

The funny thing is, this cat LOVES water. He pesters me endlessly to get me to turn on the sink so he can drink out of it. He’d probably even do this if it occurred to him: