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Mom! Mom! Mom!

May 29, 2013

So although I know that every single word out of my child’s mouth is a precious jewel to be treasured, sometimes I admit I don’t always listen. Honestly, it’s very hard to do, when he talks nonstop. Comments, questions, jokes, noises, etc are almost always flowing from his cute lil’ face. I’m sure there’s some lesson I should be teaching him on restraint…not saying absolutely everything that he thinks of…but a lot of it is pretty damn funny.

He is slowly learning not to comment or question peoples’ appearance, especially if it might hurt their feelings. He will remember his thoughts about it later, and then tell me at a strange time, like walking out to check the mail, or getting ready for bed. Often he saves his most random questions for bedtime. He’s always hated having to go to bed, and will do anything to prolong or avoid it.

He’ll come slinking to the door of his room, looking all troubled.


“Since you’re out of bed, this MUST be important.”

“It IS, I promise!”

“Okay, what is it?”

“Umm…umm..remember that one time we went to the park and I saw that weird bug? I wonder what it was. We should look it up tomorrow.”

Are you kidding me?!


Seriously, the whole park/ bug thing was months ago…He just does not want to go to sleep.  The other night he came out to tell me that he had tripped on a log in the woods a few days earlier, and almost fell, but didn’t.