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Where the hell did I put my rose-colored glasses?!

October 27, 2008

So lately I’ve been really paying attention to the news and the goings-on of the world.  This is entirely out of character for me, as I much prefer to hear about things second-hand. I consider it a service to humanity, because if someone gets a chance to enlighten me for a few minutes, well then- maybe it made them happy. Or at least they get to feel a little superior because I’m an idiot! Strike that, not an idiot, just selectively uninformed.

This all started with all the election to-do. I fully intend to finally vote this year, and figured I may as well have someone picked out. Probably a better idea than calling out from a polling booth, “Hey, who’s THIS guy?!”

Well, I don’t watch TV, I rarely buy newspapers, and I’m too impatient to sit still and watch whole broadcasts online, so I succumbed to talk radio on my way home.  I found 3 stations that I switch between every few minutes, depending on who’s being the least idiotic at the time.  It’s really hard to sit and listen to people rant and rave about things that things of which I know nothing.

And 2 months later, I’ve found it’s even harder to listen people rant and rave about things which I have an opinion on (and actually know what the hell they’re talking about!).  I caught myself talking back to some dumbass yesterday, and immediately turned the radio off. No need to start that. Next thing you know, I’ll be calling in to tell them off, and oh, would that be a slippery slope!

I’ve started changing back to music in the past few days, because really, am I better off for having heard a pitiful ‘debate’ between 2 school board members, or about the traffic on I-10, or 30 minutes on why Kaycee Anthony is crazy and obviously murdered her child?

Yesterday I got a newspaper, and realized it was all the same news that I read on the Internet the night before.  This time around, it wasn’t nearly as surprising!

I do try to buy a newspaper occasionally, but never because I need one. We have a lot of people around town standing at intersections selling papers. They’re out there every day, rain or shine. I hardly ever see anyone actually stop and buy one…they guy on the corner next to my work is super nice, and every morning I wonder what made him decide to do that for a living. Maybe he’s got another job he goes to later, maybe he’s retired, I don’t know.  I did find this though.

Then there are the people who stand on corners with signs, every single day, with their ‘Final Liquidation Clearance TODAY ONLY!!’ signs. For the past 2 years, lol.  They’re out they’re with sunblock on, shade umbrellas, headphones, etc.  I wonder what that pays??  Personally I would go absolutely apeshit crazy to have to stand in one place all day waving a sign, day after day.

Anyway, enough of my ravings…gotta go check out tomorrow’s news! ; )