A rant, a rave, a copier dance

Ugh. Work.

At my current job, I feel like this everyday by around 3 o’clock:

Don’t get me wrong….I like my job. It’s not my chosen career, and it can be mind-numbingly boring sometimes, but I do like it.

Mostly because it’s a job. Which means money to pay the bills. Always a plus there.

Today I stood at the copier all day long. About eighty percent of my job description is to stand there and sort, stack, and scan tax files into the copier server. Among other random stuff, that’s what I do.

Very exciting, of course.

I can tell you’re all very jealous already!


The problem:  when other people need to copy or scan something, they give me the evil eye/ sigh heavily/ make a stupid comment because I’m ‘always at the copier‘, i.e., in their way.


To add insult to injury, they expect me to stop whatever I’m doing and let them go ahead of me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m younger, newer, or just not as ‘important’ as they. Usually, I go ahead and let them.

Not today. I stood my ground, kept on working, and smiled sweetly with an, “I’ll be done in just a sec!”

I got a lot of surprised looks, a few huffs, and a few hoverers, but mostly people turned and walked 10 feet to the other copier machine.

Who knew? Look, the other one works, too!! Wow.

So there.


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