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Quirky cat, thy name is Max.

November 11, 2006

I was cleaning out under my bed the other day, and among the shoes, baby socks, dustbunnies and pennies, I found four straws. Four! No cups, no lids, just straws.

The conclusion I reached is this:

My cat is a freak.

He LOVES straws and will steal and play with them for hours.

He carries them around like a dog with a tasty bone, tears around and jumps up the walls with them like a mad thing, then falls asleep curled around them!

I’ve actually caught him up on the counter, one paw on my to-go cup lid, his teeth sunk into the straw trying to pull it out of the lid.

Of course, now I have a bargaining tool with a cat, which is hard to find (other than food). When he escapes and bolts out the door I can just wave a straw at him, and he screeches to a halt, a beast entranced.  So now I’ll just have to live with my new collection of straws, I suppose.  Blackmail of sorts, soothe the savage beast or something.

My friend’s cat Ace has a thing for shoes..the dirtier and smellier, the better. He’ll stick his whole head into the shoe “make love to it” and roll around the floor.  It’s twice as hilarious and almost as disturbing as a chihuahua with a stuffed animal (but without the humping, thank god). He also likes to be spanked, but that’s another story for another day.

So what’s with that? When did those little toy mice and jingly balls lose their appeal?

And why should I spend $5.79 on a ‘cat fishing pole’ when crap on the floor is so much more exciting?

Ponderous questions, indeed.

Is this only cats? It’s been so long since I’ve had dogs, I’m not sure.

I suppose I’ll just have to file these and other burning questions in the ‘x-files’ to be answered later…


These bars are made for breakin…

November 1, 2006

Just wanted to share my proud-Mama moment…

 Today was an exciting day for a two-year old. Nick got his first real bed– “Big boy BED!!” and is out of the crib. I thought he’d keep getting out of the bed while he was supposed to be sleeping, but he is conked out as I write this, with no struggles at all.

Well, no struggles on HIS part anyway; that thing was a pain and a half to put together and several times I wanted to call the company, reach through the phone and tell them, “But screw(B)  does not fit in hole(A) on the short leg (J) of the long connectors (C2)!!!” 

But after a brief cool-down and a smoke break, I wedged those suckers in there pretty good, even if they do stick out.  And guys, don’t shake your head at me as you read that–I’ve put together many a piece-of-crap-in-a-box furniture items and this was one of the toughest! And at least I read the instructions. In English, Spanish, AND Japanese, so there.